Adlon Golf and Country Club


Featuring lots of views of nearby Mecklenburg bay, this is one of our most spectacular golf courses. Wide-ranging water landscapes with ponds and streams as well as its link character are typical of this championship golf course. During planning and construction, we cleverly used the topography to visually screen the holes.

Apart from a few large bunker areas and several ponds and streams, players also have to plan for stone walls and boulders in their game strategy. The championship course is a high-level challenge for top players, but is also manageable for golfers with handicaps up to 36.

--- Our Ostsee Golf Resort Wittenbeck will soon be renamed the "Adlon Golf and Country Club" and not without reason. Because in the centre of the golf course an exclusive golf hotel and noble holiday residences in 5-star-plus quality are to be built. We are responsible for the design of the outdoor facilities and the course upgrade and look forward to the start of construction in 2021.

Wittenbeck, Mecklenburg-V., GER

Opening: 2007
Number of holes: 18 (+ 9 short)
Project Manager: Reinmuth & Städler


Wittenbeck gehört zu Europas TOP 100 - So schön gestaltete Fairways mit allen ihren Falten, Schlünden und Erhebungen, so fein onduliert Puttflächen sind eine Rarität in der deutschen Golflandschaft. Sie sprechen für das Formvermögen des Designers ...

Buch: Golf-Traumplätze von H.-J. Walter 2012


29. bester Platz in Deutschland (2015)


'Golf und Natur'-Zertifikat des DGV in Gold

GEO Certificate: OnCourse