Golf courses planning


We offer you all the services, that might be needed for the planning of a golf course. 



    • Obtain the clients requirements, financial limits and rough timetable
    • Obtain information about the site from the client
    • Visit site and carry out preliminary appraisal
    • General advice on how to proceed
    • Discuss requirements for topographical survey of the site
    • Preliminary information regarding budgets and timetable
    • Analyse constraints and assests of the site on work carried out

Feasibility and Routing


    • Advise on needs for consultants/specialists (e.g. Planning, agronomist, ecologist, soil analysis, irrigation designer)
    • Assist in selection of consultants/specialists
    • Review permits, statutory requirements and other administrative procedures
    • Study client requirements in relation to the site
    • Advise on siting of access, buildings, car park, clubhouse, residential developments, hotel etc.
    • Produce draft layout plan
    • Produce final layout plan
    • Produce cost estimate
    • Make enquiries with the statutory authorities, if necessary
    • Discuss site and its constraints with ecological/landscape consultants, if necessary

Detailed Scheme design and Planning Permission


    • Review and check topographic plan provided
    • Produce revised layout plan
    • Prepare layout plan for submission to planning authority
    • Prepare earthworks plan (cut and fill, re-contouring)
    • Submit full application with plan and any others which may be required by the local planning authority
    • Consult with landscape or ecological consultant/specialist revised landscape plan
    • Prepare environmental planting and habitat plan showing grassing, tree planting, habitat creation and water features
    • Comment on plans if prepared by others, e.g. irrigation designer
    • Prepare detailed construction plans in liaison with other design work for the project. Examples include: individual greens, general earthwork, setting out, seeding, and construction pattern for tees, bunkers, water features, drainage plans

Specifications, bills of quantities, tender documents


    • Prepare the specifications
    • Prepare bills of quantities
    • Prepare tender documents
    • Invite tenders from approved list of tenderers
    • Negotiate with lowest or selected tenderer to produce acceptable cost for the job
    • Advise Client on procedure for appointing contractor

Project inspection and construction phase


    • Check staking out to ensure compliance with drawings
    • Visit site at appropriate or agreed intervals to inspect generally and report on progress and quality of the works
    • Conduct meetings with the contractor to review progress
    • Inspect specified materials generally and all certificates of compliance with specifications
    • Instruct samples to be taken or tests to be made on specified materials, installations, and workmanship and examine and report on these tests and keep such tests under review during the progress of the works
    • Monitor progress against contractor’s programme
    • Prepare list of defects
    • Approve shaping levels before topsoil respread
    • Approve sub base levels before drainage layer installation on greens
    • Approve levels before Root-Zone-Mix (RZM) installation on greens and tees
    • Approve final levels before seeding
    • Provide as laid drawing of completed works
    • Give general advice on maintenance
    • Visit the site during growing-in period and control defects liability period and give general advice
    • Instruct and monitor contractors rectification of defects
    • Prepare and agree final account for construction works
    • Issue final certificate

Objektüberwachung bei der Golfplatzplanung

Bauüberwachung, Überwachen der Ausführung des Objekts

  • Abstimmen und Erstellen eines Bauzeitenplanes
  • Überwachen der Bauausführung durch regelmäßige Baustellenbegehungen
  • Rechnungsprüfung und Kostenkontrolle
  • Überwachen der Fertigstellungspflege
  • Abnahmen und deren Protokollierung
  • fortlaufende Dokumentation des Bauvorhabens