Golf course design with AutoCAD


Golf course design with AutoCAD

We switched at an early date to CAD for everything from draft to detailed plans. Using the standard "AutoCAD" program, we’ve developed and programmed an add-on that’s tailor-made for golf course design.

Golf course planning with our own golf design software

The starting point for all our projects are either digital site data from surveyors, scanned Land Registry maps, or digital maps. The very first draft of a golf course is a hand-drawn sketch. Next, our own golf design software digitalises the sketch and draws up a detailed design.

Using this technique, we can very quickly make the changes that are always necessary during any project development. Equally usefully, the software also gives us precise distance and area data we use to draw up the specifications.

3D golf course architecture

A 3D-grid of each site enables us to precisely determine the planned earth movements, as well as massively increasing planning and cost security. Precise planning data make contingency reserves for many items in the bill of quantities unnecessary, which reduces your construction costs!