Achim Reinmuth is/was member of the following committees:
former Member of the EIGCA Environment Committee
(European Inst. of Golf Course Architects)
former Member of the EGA Golf Course Committee
(European Golf Association Committee) 
former Member of the DGV Committee Environment and Maintenance
(Deutscher Golf Verband)

Achim Reinmuth, born in 1972, has been an active golf player for more than 35 years. He is holding a single-digit handicap and is an honorary member of Adlon Golf & Country Club (formerly known as Ostsee Golfresort Wittenbeck). In 1999 he graduated as a Landscape Developer, writing his dissertation on "Golf and Environmental Protection". He has worked at our office since his graduation and steped up as partner and co-principal of Städler & Reinmuth Golfdesign in 2022.

As our specialist in all aspects of environmental protection and design, Achim Reinmuth is skilled at integrating golfing features into ecologically valuable areas with due respect for nature. Working with land that’s unsuitable for farming, he has a knack of planning and forming the various holes so that special features or shapes of the landscape enhance their character. Another aspect he focuses on during designing and construction is the future cost of maintaining the golf course.  Apart from golf, the father-of-two also loves hockey. In fact, he is a former member of the junior national team and was German Hockey Champion (junior) in 1986 and again in 1991.


Graduate Engineer (FH) Landscape Development and Golf Course Architect, Managing Partner

Member of the EIGCA
(European Institute of Golf Course Architects)
Member of the AKNW
(North-Rhine Westphalia Chamber of Architects) 
GEO Sustainability Associate | GEOSA
(Golf Environment Organization)
Sustainable Design Leader of the EIGCA
(European Institute of Golf Course Architects)