Renovation / Redesign


Improvement of golf courses

There are three different ways of optimising existing courses: renovation, redesign and extension. Renovation projects are designed to correct shortcomings caused by poor construction, errors in maintenance, or complete lack of maintenance. Redesign can include anything that improves the strategic, aesthetic or ecological qualities of the golf course.

Supporting the members and decision-takers

Redesigns especially are often a big challenge because proposals for changes are hardly ever wholeheartedly supported by all members and decision-takers in the club. Thanks to our many years of experience in this field of golf architecture, and the sporting expertise of our 3-man team, we’re usually able to convince doubters of the merits of the upgrade.

More than 35 years of successful planning jobs

That’s why we’ve carried out a wide variety of planning jobs on more than 130 existing golf courses over the last 35 years. They range from smaller-scale renovations or redesigns to 9-hole extensions. Our reputation rests on successful and highly praised renovation, re-design and extension projects.

Course Development Concept or Master plan

We also like to create a detailed course development concept or master plan as a foundation of any remodelling, which shows you a perspective of where your course can or should develop over the next few years.