Renovation of an existing golf course

Improvement of greens and tees

Typically, renovations are aimed at improving older golf courses that were poorly built, or at enhancing playing quality.

Especially the greens and tees on older courses suffer more and more from the strains of increased use and machine maintenance. The main reason for renovating bunkers is their outdated shape or position. Thanks to our long and high-level golf careers, we’re uniquely suited to design your golf course to meet today’s standards.

Golf course planning espacially from a sportive point of view

As sportsmen, we’re passionate about what we do. Once we’ve established what you want, we analyse the current situation and develop suggestions. These include cost estimates and outlines of the effects on play. Then we plan construction, making sure it’s on time and on budget.

One of our chief aims is creating sustained improvement of your golf course after renovation is complete.