Our Philosophy of Landscape Design


Our Philosophy of Landscape Design

Golf course architecture with considerateness

Today we’re all rightly concerned about nature and protecting the environment. That makes treating natural resources with respect more important than ever. We can only gain the acceptance of the public and permit authorities if we plan and build golf courses without wholesale disruption of the landscape and the balance of nature.

Golf course design with responsibility

Well aware of this responsibility, we adapt our golf course plannings to the surrounding countryside instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why our designs incorporate typical elements of the local landscape. We plan golf courses that blend in with the existing landscape. Good design means you can barely see that a golf course has been artificially created.

Golf course planning with sustainability

Compared to the previous state of the land, our golf courses always actually improve its eco-balance. That includes leaving large areas of the rough away from the holes untended and unused. This land remains in its natural state, so the course protects or even creates ecologically valuable terrain.  Former farmland is transformed to create various new habitats that help preserve species diversity in our cultural landscape.