Golfbaan Echt-Susteren · NL


We teamed up with an experienced Dutch golf course construction company to create 9 high-quality and attractive holes with complex modelling. The former farmland was criss-crossed with drainage ditches. Now the course features a spacious driving range and a 6-hole short course for beginners and for practicing.  

The type of modelling used here not only increases the attractiveness of the course, but also ensures surface water drains off quickly and in a controlled manner. This is important because the groundwater is very high and there is a danger of water-logging. The modelling achieved here solves the problem so thoroughly that the course can be used all year round. 

Echt-Susteren, Limburg, NL

Opening: 2006
Number of holes: 9
Project Manager: Decker & Reinmuth

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18. bester 9-Golfplatz der Niederlande

Lang niet iedereen kent de baan met een heidekarakter maar wie hem kent prijst Echt-Susteren. Een topper in wording; een van de beste ontwerpen van 9-holes banen in Nederland. Snelle greens volgens Amerikaanse USGA-specificaties.


"Auf geht's - schönes Spiel
Gepflegter Golfplatz, mit reichlich Wasser, interessant ondulierten Fairways,
die Grüns mäßig schnell, aber gut verteidigt durch Sand und Wasser."

Golf-Internetportal - Feb. 2010