Our consulting services for your golf course

We advise you on all your professional needs concerning your golf course:

- the contemporary layout of the golf course and design of the golf courses

- to improve and complete the practice facilites

- to potential cost savings in ongoing site maintenance by structural reconstruction or maintenance changes

- to appropriate safety precautions

- for the sportive and visual upgrading of the golf course through special design features ("Signature Holes")

- to improve the quality of maintenance, also with the help of specialists

- for the development of biotopes and the improvement of the stock of trees (plant development plan)

- to improve the path system on the golf course

- for the functional and economic improvement of the irrigation system

- to supplement the golf course by suitable supplementary facilities (short course, football golf, pitch and putt course, children's golf)

- for the ecological, energetic and economic sustainability of the golf course

- to obtain the environmental certificates "GEO certified" and "Golf und Natur"