Phase 2 - Design


Golf course planning - Design

Next we draw up the design, building on the draft agreed with you. This is where the CAD software comes in that we developed specially for planning golf courses. It takes the existing site contours, then plans earthmoving, drainage and other details for the various holes. Next we use our program to fine-tune the size, position and shape of tees, holes, greens, bunkers and hazards. And we pay special attention to future upkeep, visual impact and golf course surroundings.

Golf course planning permission

To pave the way for planning permission, we often cooperate with local landscape planners. And of course we do the groundwork for you by providing the plans and information required for applications for planning permission. Before you award the contract to a construction company, we draw up an extensive list of specifications. Then we evaluate the bids and issue a price comparison so you can choose a construction company. Last but not least, we supervise the construction and design quality of the contractor to ensure you get the best possible golf course.


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