Golf- und Landclub Schmitzhof · Wegberg


At the 18-hole course of the 'Golf und Landclub Schmitzhof' in Wegberg, the home club of Dirk Decker and Philipp Fleischhauer, we have already made numerous improvements. Thus, in 1990, we developed a reorganization concept from which far-reaching measures were implemented. In the year 1999 followed the renovation of 5 greens and in 2010 the installation of a new irrigation system with additional fairway sprinklers.

Since we know the course like the back of our's hands, we have been advising the club for many years.

Wegberg, NRW, D

Beratung seit: 1990
Anzahl der Löcher: 18
Projektleiter: Städler & Decker

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